mtb wtf.

sorry to keep doing this to you but like i said riding is riding, right?!

Camp ugly homo gay pose. We all like these and i seriously hope this isn’t going to be used ever again. Maybe for personal self pleasure but yeah. That was one of the worst sentences I have ever constructed.

MTB’s don’t have style. Seriously lazy eyes.


MTB’s still don’t have style.

Not that you even care any more: I like berries.

Corners are gay. So are MTBs.

I’m surprised you’re still looking at these:

I don’t even like right hand corners:

Anyway. I hope that gives you a taster as to why I disappear every summer. And also why I can never get any better on my BMX. Oh well. This winter I want to get better. Less pencils. Less pussy faggot shit.


posted by alex on 27/08/07