so yeah

Went to this the other day, it was pretty cool I guess. I was too stressed to enjoy it much, but did quite like the white russian and long island tea.

So I’m at home for holidays [there must have been some reason I was updating this site] and it is pretty cold and became pretty wet today.

So I went to the woods.

And it was rad;loud with birds chirping away.

Trails looks not terrible but not great. All the tarps were only half on, not cool. Did a bit of digging and it was ok. Still a little dry to stack properly but not bad. Renovated mid line looks like it’s gonna be treats and apparently we are gonna get even more soil dumped up to finish off the bottom of the main line.

Then it got dark so I went home to drink my 6th cup of tea of the day or summat.

posted by Patrick on 22/03/10