heres some piccys from i think last summer was sorting my hard drive and came across these stills

ill get some more stuff up on this blod soon
just vids of random shit may chuck together a few clips from this summer

posted by Aaron on 05/10/13

aaron update this blog!

i heard it is raining now in the uk. so Aaron can you please put some videos/photos of sunny trails times on this blog. in the meantime here is the best trails video ive seen in ages

Can You Dig It BMX Exclusive | Quick Hits “Big Foot” from Can You Dig It on Vimeo.

posted by Patrick on 17/09/13

fridays funs

Me and will got some riding done on friday a rare thing now, work has been crazy busy so havent had the chances to get up the woods as much as id like. but heres a few pictures from friday

Got some oppo tables laid pretty pleased with them







posted by Aaron on 25/08/13

Pinard Part deux

PART DEUX – Pinard from Deluxe BMX on Vimeo.

here is Pinards section from deluxe part deux
such an amazing set of trails,


posted by Aaron on 20/08/13

deluxe part deux

heres the peynier section from Part deux

such a fun trip!

PART DEUX – Peynier from Deluxe BMX on Vimeo.

the rest of the dvd is getting posted online in sections so keep your eyes open for other sections popping up on the net soon

posted by Aaron on 10/08/13



from way back when who knos? ppancake flat tho am I rite?!!!] I still got 2 vive la revolution tshirts if anyone wants to buy one? [6 month shipping time thb]


posted by Patrick on 30/06/13