europe 1

Here are a few snaps from Portugal, Spain and France.

This is where we showered for a week. Roadside pikey.

This is a fire we built from gum trees. We nearly set a gazebo on fire. oops. kids. it was very hot – my face tells all.

For all you care, this could be anyone but i’ll make a point; it’s me. X2. sorry.

This is what a sun set in portugal looks like.

this is what snow in madrid looks like. thumbs up essentials.

the passion for riding bikes burns inside us all, somewhere? look deeper.

there was a girl. there is always a girl. this one we stared at a lot. i gave her brother my email address. a move in the right direction?

this is for miranda. if she ever reads this. anyway, i dropped a perfectly good apple to get this photo. it’s a beaut.

this happened a few times. in hindsight, taking the brake off the wheelie bin would have been better. either that or salvaging the contents and plating it up as dinner. dollar is hard to come by.

there was an incident involving the sea, some builders and three pairs of bollocks, but after some deliberation we decided it was best that only the builders knew what our balls looked like.

back to europe again soon. maybe we’ll actually do some riding this time?

posted by alex on 27/03/07