Video: FRA2012 obmx holiday

After a delay [tactical to remind of summer in winter] heres our summer holiday video. It has some bmx in it lol.

posted by Patrick on 24/01/13


So I haven’t been up the woods this week as much as I would of liked but I really need to go up and do as much work as I can in the time up there. Need as much help as possible there’s plenty of stuff that needs doing and on my own its taking its time but I really want to get it done and make shit look decent! So people in the dorchester area come up and shift some barrel with me and have a summer of immense fun!

posted by Aaron on 11/01/13


Went up the woods today with some help with some mates added to the shelter not the most important thing that needed doing but it now is twice the size it was and a lot better when it rains!



And here’s nick looking chuffed as nuts with the shelter lol

I also went and saw Winmill yesterday boy doing good! He had a good Christmas selling jumpers and stuff like that.

Winmills pretty good at wrapping parcels now.

posted by Aaron on 09/01/13


So I don’t think anyone has been up the woods in a while I haven’t been since the last post which Is ridiculous I’ve been working mad loads recently so haven’t had the time to get up there but ive got a week off work so going to go up there. Hopefully fix anything which has got rain damage then crack on with the berm on end of main. Built it up sort it out tarp it up!

Any one who does read the blog and wants to come up and help they are more than welcome just get in touch via the organic bmx Facebook page yhhhh

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posted by Aaron on 06/01/13