Hold on tight

Made the fly out jump lip massive 5 foot wide????? And made it higher too! Going to be fucking crazy the end of this line! Literally I have no clue if you are going to be able to hold on from Landing the previous jump then jump fly out with any control haha have to wait and see!




All angles there

Then cracked on with the landing stacking that up, probs need to stack it up a bit more. But so looking forward to this line!


Terrible photo of it, only one I gt though. HOLD ONNN TIGHTTTTT!!!!’

posted by Aaron on 24/10/12

Been to turkey since the last post, well cool country especially their food. Enjoyed the majority of traditional food I tried. Deserts were weird though




Sooooooo autumn has kicked in and I bloody love autumn best season!

Quit uni as i didn’t really think it was right for me and I just couldn’t seem to get it, but I’m working now saving up some money to hopefully go somewhere next year Cali or summin. Now I have more time on my hands to do things like build the woods got a fair amount of stuff to build like the end of main line and quarter pipe oh it’s going to be rad that quarter pipe maybe like 5 years late but hey ho!





posted by Aaron on 21/10/12


heres one photo as my internet is that slow it wont upload anything else!

posted by Aaron on 05/10/12