Part Deux Full Trailer

lol took a while.

posted by Patrick on 23/07/12

new dlx teaser. full trailer soon

Seriously the Belgian’s hardstyle CD was pretty boss.

posted by Patrick on 17/07/12

It’s been raining so much! And the dirt is shit just keep sticking when trying to sort things out. Pretty annoying needs to dry up as whatever you dial in gets messed up within a week.

Managed to fix this lip though this whole line needs proper going over and sorting out.


posted by Aaron on 04/07/12


i dont think ive put any proper pictures up from my camera in a while. more to follow soon

posted by Aaron on 03/07/12






posted by Aaron on 03/07/12


Haven’t really been riding at all the weather has stop things from flowing. Saw some photos from villij, bad news for that crew completely washed out after some crazy heavy rain.

Been up the woods a couple of times to sort things out. Some photos to follow

posted by Aaron on 01/07/12