So I am aware that this site is in a sorry state. As you might deduce from the lack of recent posts and those recent ones only being by me not much of this scene really still exists. The trails aren’t dead, but they are not up to much this year, and we’ve not all given up bmx. The thing is that Charlie is still recovering from his ACL opp, Winmill has been in France all summer again, Evans lives in the Alps full time, Max had a bad wrist and has been away quite a bit, Aaron had mad school shit to get on and keeps it real in Dorch, and I have increasing uni pressure and broke my Toe in the middle of July. Then it’s just been raining.

So if you need internets to consume go over me blogging random stuff: and await the organic bmx return. Coming in the future will be a redesigned site, some better and more limited t-shirts, and more outtakes from my filming on the vimeo.

posted by Patrick on 26/08/10