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I’ve been building up the volcano, but this picture is impossible to understand:

Pig with a hay moustache:

posted by Patrick on 28/12/09

It’s cold at home.

I’m back in Dorset which means it’s time for breakfast:

I went to Bath the other weekend to chill and we cycled down the canal path for a jolly.

The canal was so cold in places that it was actually frozen over!

It was pretty rad weekend. I went into the best convenience store I’ve ever been into, and bought a pretty sub-par stollen for some unknown reason.

Yesterday we went to Bmouth to have a go on a racetrack as we thought that tracks would be dry.

Weren’t very dry really.

Invisible gate starts and impossible speed stealing laps.

posted by Patrick on 23/12/09

found this old picture on my external.

And I guess Charlie ain’t been on skype recently or summat. This picture was from like 2/3 years ago I think?


If you want this picture in higher quality then let me know Charles.

posted by Patrick on 09/12/09