This is wonderful and you will already have seen this, but this is a legit post as there is footage from our spot on it! Ours being the pretty-shadest trails on there, and everyone else’s just plain pretty.

So the north wind blows and we can’t ride the trails that are finally dry after 2 months of aborted summer, so I can’t update with anything good as not much bmx is really going on. I’m editing the Deluxe trip movie very slowly but there will be a trailer online tomorrow ish. I will find some clips for this site or something…

posted by Patrick on 16/09/09

new news

The start of new things is nigh.

Winmill is home and looks like he had a bunch of fun when he was away


I start college tomorrow, Alex Evans gets home this week and oh i dont know, maybe it will rain?


hell yeah !

posted by charlie on 06/09/09

Deluxe Trip

I came home last night cause i missed my mummy


well i tell you what, it was mighty fun travelling around with such a high quality bunch of chaps.

posted by charlie on 01/09/09