dont act like you dont know what that is

posted by charlie on 26/08/09

so yeah

I guess you know the weather has been bad. Seems like it’s been worst in Dorset than most other places. Anyhow summer just started today so riding soon I guess. Went and visited Garlic Canyon yesterday to pick up some extra tarp from nice man Alex, a pretty sweet spot with mad good clay. Our trails would be so much better if we had better soil. The clay was so easy to dig with and looked so good, still work been going on at ours and they looking better…

posted by Patrick on 07/08/09

“Charlie, who’s this girl?”….. “Thats not a girl mum”

I went away and it was well fun but im glad to be back because i love dorset loads.

sup boyo





its just stopped raining here in maiden wurzel. off to get some more tarpaulin later which means more jumps can wrap up warm for the winter. little champs aint gunna know whats hit’em.


posted by charlie on 06/08/09