Me, Charles and Will were busy up at the woods. I shall let the Mobile Phone photos speak for themselves.

Before work got under way We flew Will’s Kite.



Charlie and I both grew some balls.

Pats reaction to this “you have to be kidding me!!!111”

I got through the first 2 on the big line Stoked!

posted by Aaron on 18/05/09

Sick camera

I used a somewhat knackered OM trip for the latest round of front images. Which reminds me that I should update them soon. Sick ad too. I went to the optician the other day because my mother thinks I’m at imminent risk of eye disease and so I felt caution was a good plan. Had a good chat with the optician and she told me a rad story: she was at a wedding in London and at some point a group of them and the couple went for a walk in Hyde park. They wanted a picture taken and so the bride asked a passer-by if he could take one. After the photo was taken and the man walked off the rest of the group informed the bride that she had just had wedding photos taken by David Bailey!

posted by Patrick on 17/05/09

best of youtube

That there is the good thing. So finally some rain for the trails. Nice – apparently people will be doing things there this weekend. I need to order bike parts. Alansbmx? for spokes? What do I do it stuff is out of stock?

posted by Patrick on 16/05/09

Blog Post

I need to do something with all the bookmarks of awesome on my desktop. So that’s basically what blogs are for right? I will post them up on here. That video is super amazing. BMX bla bla – trails getting pretty rad, Charlie doing new jumps, skatepark is pretty ok when not too busy, got my new frame just need to get some other shit then i have new bike – wow, woods looks green and great, bit of rain happening now – will be helpful for finishing off, gonna paint a mural on the quarterpipe when it gets done, etc.

posted by Patrick on 12/05/09


So MT went nuts and all my sites were down, which was shit. Lots of photos are still AWOL but will be restored in the next 24 hours I think. So here is that video I was on about. Except it is not an edit; the footage was too erratic and I didn’t really want to edit it. These are just clips. When I get lots of good clips and the trails are sorted, then I will do edits.

Easter NonEdit from OrganicBmx on Vimeo.

posted by Patrick on 06/05/09

Blue bells

Went up the trails, did some riding but didn’t quite make it to the top.

posted by Aaron on 04/05/09