Tree rap arounds

Went up to the trails on saturday. Did abit of maintenancework. Then got riding.

The lines were running well, Winmill came up later on and did the last of the big line was something special is a shame all the photos i took of him doing it were awful.

Here Winmill is taking down some twigs from the tree.

Woody was doing some nice styling.

posted by Aaron on 23/03/09

i dont think gram checks his emails or something

Club Headz from Colors Shapes Sounds on Vimeo.

Yeah gram.

posted by Patrick on 19/03/09

another skatepark clip – I’m coming back from london to thisssss!

Dorchester Skatepark 13 March 2009 from Mark Noble on Vimeo.

posted by Patrick on 17/03/09

obmx is big time

I got content to post on the blog in an email! It was however only from Mark but here it is: a ultra exciting video of the skatepark progress. I cannot wait. I also am praying for free bar at the opening party … the budget can easily make it to free Corona or similar nice beer for all 18+ riders/skaters.

posted by Patrick on 06/03/09

New Deluxe Video from the weekend

Digging Days: Barend 28th February from Deluxe Bmx on Vimeo.

Check it out yo. Barend was rad and look mega good for summer. I cannot wait. Hope the rain the other day hasn’t washed the trails away.

posted by Patrick on 05/03/09

Holla Content


After that slightly jarbled last post here is something a little more coherent.

Basically my life ended when my G4 finally broke down. Lise seems to think it is due to the excessive amount of food and drink I kindly gave to it. I am not so sure. Maybe a more suspicious cause is yet to be found.

So I managed to wangle a new MBP which, Pat, is lovely. And now I have a web cam and intel and everything.

Back to life. Job was well hard, I have officially finished as of today. I am going to Portugal next Monday and hopefully going to get as sun burnt as possible when an English tourist.

Here are some pics of my travels and good times. The ‘Rowdy’ photo was amazing. Totally made my day. An Austrian car filled with old people with Rowdy as the plate. Good times.

Trench warfare.


Portugal and sun to follow…

posted by alex on 02/03/09