i iz not ded innit1


I didnt die and am not dead but my powerbook was.


one month later and i have a new computer. wevs.


a post of content to come soon

posted by alex on 28/02/09

february affairs

So no updates since christmas trails video – I guess not much has happened. London keeps on but is a bmx free lifestyle which is not great. Unhealthy. Still go home plenty and digging is getting done. Especially by Al.

He did all the 2 lips in this one morning, we all did the landing a few days before.

This was almost finished but the extreme weather made it like this. That landing was verticle at the back and then it rained and all fell down. The lip was smooth before lots of frost and rain. It is done now though.

On occasion this year we have had a fair few diggers – which is a good development.

Charlie only takes photos in portrait?! Very uninternet. Well here is Al and I chalking up a new lip. All stuff is getting a layer of this powder chalk I found in the wood. It will be almost barendesque.

One of few landscapes; sorting out the current last in the bigline. It is done now but there is not pic. After this when we get the digger there will be a left-hand berm, a racetrack size roller double, a stepup going down a lot after the landing, then a long flat jump, then a 270degree wide berm round a tree, and then hopefully we will build some pointlessly massive jumps to equal ultimate warrior or something. Winmill wants to go nuts.

So I’m very positive about this summer; 09 will be one to remember I think. Our trails are definitely going to be the very best they’ve ever been. And good enough that it might actually be worth people visiting. Bigger jumps, smoother lines, longer lines, big quarterpipe, possibly the pizza oven if we get round to it.

Not only are we building in the woods; there are some rad dudes in dorch building a nuts looking concrete park. Should be done in under a month. Poured seamless concrete with bowls and rollers and the like!

posted by Patrick on 18/02/09