Christmas Trails Video

Christmas Trails [click here for vimeo and the HD version] from OrganicBmx on Vimeo.

Yeah so there is it. Click on the link for HD as its way better. The words about it are on the vimeo page.

Think gonna get a digger and loads of new soil in easter, so hope for some decent rain in late april to fix up stuff built with digger. Cutting things a bit fine but thats the schedule. Other stuff will get done before then. Went to the Unit today, fun place but I am so unfit – horrible. Apparently there are some people who want those tshirts – well click the link and do it!

posted by Patrick on 26/01/09

Mr President

posted by graeme on 22/01/09

A video about digging.

Digging Doc 08 from OrganicBmx on Vimeo.

I made a video about digging a while ago and it took some time for me work work out HD export and suchlike to a good standard. This is something close too as good as I can get, if anyone knows the ultimate export settings for a pal xh a1 shooting 50i on final cut for vimeo I’d love to know. This video is about what it is like to dig for me specifically at our trails. Over christmas I dug with Al a lot and we got quite a bit done. There is still plenty more to do. [Click on it to go to vimeo and watch the HD version]

Next week: A video of us riding trails from the beginning of this month. It was the best send off for the end of my holidays to ride two days of trails. P.S. The video has something more special about it than just the crazy fact of riding in January.

posted by Patrick on 17/01/09

Thought this was good enough to share.

If you’re not glued to The Come Up like I appear to be (appearances: deceptive patch).

Things in my future:

.Late night



.All nighter

.Promoting club

.Learning software




posted by graeme on 15/01/09

a big feed bag of 1s

Tim’s new facebook pic is pretty rad. Reminds me I want to go to Bridport before I go back to London. Dans bmx hurry up with al’s bearings. Digging documentary bullshit almost done. Watch the new mulville video, and buy new dig mag!!!

posted by Patrick on 06/01/09