Seasons greetings.

Hope the whole world had a good christmas. The Holy lands were at war through this one though, which I think suggests a little about the unavoidable outcomes of religion mixed with society. Anyhooo bmx…

DH BMX 2004 – Woodward West, Earthed 2 from alex rankin on Vimeo.

This is almost everything you could want in a video. A Rankin made video of where bmx racing should be at today. And possibly would be without clip pedals and boring people. That said a obmx track day in bournemouth is on the horizon. I don’t have any other news really; we just dig and thats pretty much it. Have a good new year.

posted by patch on 30/12/08

I don’t BMX anymore

I don’t think I am allowed to post on here anymore then.

Confusing sign near my house.

Been to alot (a lot?) of ‘events’. This is the Midnight Juggernauts (part of a larger event which featured not only Digitalism but Late Of The Pier also. Wowee)

Been to a lot (alot) of parties. This one I was sick 4 times at! New personal best.

Been painting my hands a bit too.

Patch is excited for me too.

posted by graeme on 26/12/08


Winmill. found this in the darkroom. Thought it needed to be shared.

posted by Aaron on 18/12/08

How to

not take a photo of a car (but look at the snow, isn’t it white!)


be as English as possible in France


Cultural sensitivity.

posted by alex on 14/12/08

Ken aint got shit on how ill I am.

So yeah time for some recapping of stuff because I’m ill and its saturday night. = Bad.

went to Frank and Gram’s halls the other day in Bath. New MBP see through screen!

grams got a sick bike that he never uses.

they have a sick kitchen area with lots of space and generally much betterness than my Don Gratton.

gram thinks he is a superstar dj after watching the justice docudrama film thingy. he aint. He was in my flat earlier today. then he went.

Rainy Summer from OrganicBmx on Vimeo.
I think I should embed the videos so people actually know about them who don’t get the podcast. watch this to remember what summer 08 was actually like.

Barend Minutes from OrganicBmx on Vimeo.
then watch this to feel good about summer because some days are pretty good.

2 short the ebay gangsta

yeahhhh pgl thuggggglifeeee


yeah did some digging and that too. good stuff, bigger jumps, nicer etc. lovely.

posted by patch on 13/12/08

big time eh

fairly big time i’d say. Bloody Freecaster i’d say.

posted by alex on 05/12/08