some interesting facts

After some critical comeup comments a while ago I got thinking. So I googled around and sure enough I found out the truth about Deluxe. It turns out the guy who digs at our trails isn’t actually mark at all, because The Real Mark Noble rides only flatland. The guy who digs at our trails can be employed to do anything you like, and The Real Mark Noble pays him to dig our jumps and pretend to be into the ‘trails scene’. He accepts money or just (imported into the westcountry) cider.


This is the real Mark Noble riding some winning the the ‘serge bicyclette artistique’ world championship at flatland ‘back in the day.’ [Why is international cycling run by the french?]


The world is a crazy place. [Also Aaron it is time for your first blog – make it a good one as it is really very important]

posted by patch on 28/11/08


bmx is overrrr

cabot circus is pretty cool, completely hang friendly too.

sick shape

stopped by evan’s earlier to say bye d bye

off to france to drive people to and from the airport to go la skiing….

we should go stay with him


safe journey  al

posted by charlie on 23/11/08

A video of us by someone else!

The crazy dirt stunt bicyclist madman from the last pictures of yeovil made a clip from a few shots of me and winmill. Thanks man.

Obmx at yeovil from Lewis Woolacott on Vimeo.

posted by patch on 10/11/08

Obama fuck yes

I’m going to america some time soon. This dude is the fucking boss.

posted by patch on 05/11/08