This place is a 30 second ride from my halls.

Proper actual vert half-pipe on the right, with a big mini on the left.

I would love to see someone spine it. Is that even possible?

posted by graeme on 30/09/08

site revision etc

Yeah so I did some stuff to the site, its a little better. Just a minor re-structuring so that the blog has space for big pictures.

so here are some big pictures to celebrate

will walked into my garden on sunday – I was supposed to be in london but was drinking tea.

trails are pretty dry now. now that everyone’s busy and I’m moving away.

I’m not bitter about the summer weather though, this autumn so far as been perfect. totally beautiful.

It’s all about next years plans now – And finishing this off with plywood and getting two proper lines into it and one over it is a definite plan. [also just imagine the photographs that are going to be taken, that light is just too perfect]

So I found that in one of our berms!

Will rode some jumps. Next year next year… I’m already excited to the digging. Will almost did a turndown which was pretty extreme for our trails.

Camera just couldn’t quite capture this. But it was good.

So yeah stuff like this in this bigger box. I’ve got three videos to edit soon. I said nothing about our Oxford adventure. I will some other day. But simply if you are reading this – thanks to anyone we met up there for being nice, and Cothill is amazing and I need to just do it!

posted by patch on 29/09/08

New Media

 Same old trails.


posted by graeme on 20/09/08

gotta see this111

clint is the man. everything in this photo is perfect. amazing. [on the fbm blog Рits awesome] 

posted by patch on 13/09/08

By the By

OBMX (UK?) have camera phones. Highlights can be found on the Flickr pool, which is currently monopolized by me.




origami plasterboard


truck piggybacks



Invade us.

posted by graeme on 11/09/08

keziah’s one piece!

so glad i didn’t go to reading. looks like gram lost the last of his dignity – as these pictures get much worse.

posted by patch on 02/09/08