Mulville Kills It!

Oh man that was so rad. The bmx track bit is soooo awesome. The man is sick. 

posted by patch on 29/08/08

nothings happened much

well trails are still wet. they were almost dry on sat. we went to winch which was rad. it rained last night. so everything back to square one. rode bridport the other day – good times. wheres my fucking indian summer please.

posted by patch on 24/08/08


so back last friday after the most unfortunate thursday of my life.

left the house in edinburgh with band plus dylan plus paddy at 8:45 to get to the station with plenty of time to catch our train at 10:05.

rain rain rain= edinburgh bypass is shut, whole city isnt moving….shit.

get to the station at 11:30, expecting to fork out a bunch of money to get home, luckily we were let on a train back to bristol at 12:05.

20 minutes into the journey, we stop because the tracks were flooded ahead….a few puddles i thought, right pussies just go for it i thought… no.


so we get pass this 3 or 4 hours behind schedule. going to miss our train home from bristol if we dont hurry up…. all is fine so we will be ok.

get to birmingham new street and some cunt set a train a light and the station was evacuated so we had to wait outside the station for 30 minutes to pass through!

certain to miss train home now, so we book a mini bus back to dorchester, £80, bargain. pull into brizzzle at half 9 all good, get in the taxi, almost home.

just outside yeovil, about 20 minutes from home, and the alternator goes on the van thing. no lights. so we have to pull in and wait an hour for another to come get us! by this time we werent talking, afraid one of us has done something terribly terribly wrong.

finally get into bed at 1 am.

bessssst day!

anyway, me and p went up to the trails on sunday, almost fell to the floor. so so so so depressing. fucking weather has done us over, again.

so today-



laters cats x

posted by charlie on 11/08/08

hello Mexican!


posted by graeme on 10/08/08

bye Charlie’s beard!


posted by graeme on 10/08/08

its been a while

you doing well. not much in the way of updates. been in scotland for a week – no internet or bmx but good times.

got some tshirts at the printers. they should be here soon.


so looking forward to rocking one of them. this site will get some love soon. it rained today and apparently will do all weekend. maybe slades jam. could be good – btown soir adventures hopefully. if you were going to i surpose you’ve already seen my empire vid up on vital. that was fun times.

when i have time for edit i’ll have a decoy jam vid too for this here website. new jean nipon mixtape out there – life it fun.

posted by patch on 08/08/08