davros deluxe vid


click here for the rad davros deluxe video that i just posted up on the deluxe site. its got headcam

we went to barend last friday to film it, and gram got a few sub par photos, maybe the internet will see a couple… Barend is beyond wild, amazing trails. Finally looks like the weather is not going to be shit for a few days which is good. Bad stuff is my external HD is fried from all this finalcutting, errhgghhh. Don’t forget to check my Muxtape in the post below – I just listened back to it and it flows pretty well as a playlist.

posted by patch on 30/05/08


as is fashionable on the style press and defgrip and other corners of the web I’m going to post a muxtape. this is probably the first of a few as it was pretty fun and easy and i’ve got plenty more genres to get though. pbest muxtape num1 is kinda electro-tech-house to house to space disco…

click for pbest.muxtape.com

posted by patch on 30/05/08


yeah well its raining


dont rotate


sunn from the disco


paddy was at work so i just took the kids to the park…


posted by charlie on 29/05/08



aidan = aidan. shame again to see theshovelload shut up shot. but life rolls on and the internet don’t matter. maybe one day shovelload would like a site that looks how they want, but is easy for loads of people to update like blogger, like this site is. I’d make it whenever it was wanted, just send me a line. ramble on… click here for aidans new blog which has pictures of storm damaged jumps and an amazing bmx scrapbook that is a wild good idea.

posted by patch on 27/05/08

Deluxe x Defgrip



posted by graeme on 20/05/08

newnew media.

itchy internet fingers.


Tolley dashing.

posted by graeme on 19/05/08