new shop in winton. im gonna get on it hard out.


this is going to be really fun when i is 12 foot wide and solid.


our jumps still look shit, but they are coming on. this recent rain is helping.

posted by patch on 23/04/08

Long Time No Dogging

So yeah hiya.

I hope everyone is okay at the BMX headquarters in Dorset. Hope hope hope good. Yeah.

I’ve been busy with riding and stuff. It’s been good. Very happy. Met so many cool people – some odd, some friendly and some just plain stupid. Fruits of life and that. Currently sitting on Lise’s bed in Annecy with a freshly broken wrist and dislocated right (the good one) shoulder. Bummer. Got the first World Cup in about 3 weeks (less!) so am a little stressed if I’m going to be okay for that little nugget. Remember “hope hope hope good. Yeah.”

Here are some pictures of the trip so far… They’re small hope they fit so Pat doesn’t got all 111 on me.

How to Pencil:


How to be artistic?


How to live “The Dream”.


Portuguese National Express:


Sledging with style:


Hard core BMX shot:


Dreams are made here:


Finally but not least – getting some sponsor/podium practice in when I get hooked up with some sweet deal or something.


There ya go. Hope this makes you laugh/cry/cringe/fart. Just something.

Ciao. (Chow).

posted by alex on 23/04/08



ive been getting dramatic with the cameraphone


we’ve been making everything turn GOLD


dtown has some new pieces of wood to ride on, which is pretty fun.


and ive done a bit of jump testing.

im having horrible flashbacks to last year when it was all too dry to build then got wet for most of summer. we need the rain so very badly to settle all the digger work properly and so build up verticly. looking at the shovelload’s jumps recently has made me feel both very good and very bad. they are top stuff looking jumps and look like tons on fun, but ours really are not; ours are ugly and bumpy and cold and horrible. And the chill north wind blows you off your bike when you are testing and beats the shit out of you on the chalk and flints. i didnt enjoy that and neither did my mum, she had flashbacks too.

posted by patch on 06/04/08