Things Lately

It seems that i’ve done a lot while not feeling like i’ve done much of anything. Not sure if i like that feeling.

But there have been things lately.

Some of the bits of Alex Winmill-


Jumping out of Dorch skatepark. After that kid over rotated a 3 and slid on the side of his face a couple feet. Hor-ri-ble. Luckily the ambulance 4×4 was fast, the guy was slow, and they left the back door open as they drove off (?!) Also, 1st sighting of the obmx steadycam shot with my not-so-steadycam.


Passive-aggressive signs are the new birdwatching.


Some of the sights while reinstalling XP.

Then i got an Easter egg and didn’t want to eat it because i am over chocolate now so ate it differently.


1x Smarties egg 2x Smartie tubes (Blue Is Back!!!111!!1!!!!11!)


Le oeuf.


1st the smarties went in here like this but they made one of the worst sounds I have ever heard. Like someone drilling into metal that is in your ear.


But then they went in how they should and got wizzed about.




Chocolate and chocolate met and made a sort of gruel.


I didn’t really want to eat it like it was because it was making me sick licking the spoon, so i put it next to the ice-cubes to chill.


Then popped it in the freezer bit. Taste results shortly.


The rest went on a pancake and made my stomach feel hot. I gave some to my brother without telling him what it was and he seemed to love it.

Also, don’t listen to M83’s new album. It is like listening to a jumbo-jet going overhead, but for minutes at a time.

posted by graeme on 26/03/08

steadycam test dorch video


here is it, new original content on obmx tv! filmed to test my steadycam construction. i think it needs a little more weight but im pretty pleased with it never the less. [ive got some other stuff up my sleeve too] now all i need is some dry weather and some trails to film …

click the thumbnail, click the link on the side, or check your podcasts to watch.

posted by patch on 19/03/08

check my flickr for berlin bronica shots

yeah have a peek, try clicking on the thumbnail down to the bottom right in it’s little bubble.  also been doing a bit of digging.


log roots like a hog head i think.


build up some landers a bit


better but its still not really wet enough to get proper verticle yet.


if this lip was a program i would describe it as being in alpha stage, in development but not stable. [also somewhat in the wrong place… ]


wet on the ground though, dug out bit of drainage.

well that was boring; our jumps are so ugly. for pretty jumps try the shovelload; for big jumps try prettyshady. but come back soon and try this site for a steadycam webedit, maybe even two videos. but steadcam is exciting, made it yesterday and athough in beta testing stage its pretty rad.

posted by patch on 18/03/08

S-Curves and french stuff


Well drove to France yesterday, down to Annecy. Pretty KO’ed after the 800KM (500M) drive but these things are always worth it.

France is a great country, nice food, nice women, nice hills, everything nice. Lise has an S-Curve so totally stoked on that.

Here is France:


So I’m sitting in her apartment if you can call it that
and wondering some stuff. Doing a bit of tidying up (coz she’s gone out) and I’m folding these clothes and thiking to myself these are really hard to fold, ya know? So one thing leads to another and I end up trying to put them on (sorry no picture, this site is for all ages, right?). Observations will include that these clothes are so small. Like really small. Which then lead to the thought are their shoes as small as their clothes?
So yes! The shoes are (UK Size 4!). This is mental. Seriously, girls clothes are so small?! This lead to the next thought – airplanes have baggage weight limits, now if you are a girl you can surely take so much more than a guy can. This makes me slightly angry, and I think I might write a letter to the airline companies asking for higher limits for male passengers (or something proportionate to their size at least).

SO now that is off my chest, this is how french I am:

Yeah, suck that.

Also, I learnt a new ‘LOL’ …. MEGALOL. Nice eh?

posted by alex on 10/03/08



a page of cameraphone pics of 5days in berlin. my favourite is defiantly the one on the right. she kept popping up and making my week even better. [click here]

posted by patch on 02/03/08

did you get got?

Wise words from Alex Winmill. I guess we’ll never know the answer. Probably the meaning to life or something.

Anyway we went to the trails today, which to be pretty honest was good fun. And we went with bikes. Will crashed, Pat crashed, Al crashed (probably?), I crashed. Good day eh. Big line was attempted by Al and Pat (kinda) so brownie points for effort.

Will’s bike is nice, I want to buy it. Pigs are funny as hell. Laughing at them will never get old. Here are some pics of the afternoon… bleak colours.

NB: My technology is not out of date. ALSO I couldn’t be bothered to resize every (any) photo(s).

Oink Oink, up close and personal with the locals.

‘Action’ shot.

Will gets stoked on stuff.

Al riding big line.

Two’s up.


I call this my ‘Green Lime’ look.

Pencil (Potopho!!).

We look happy. Patrick Best Photography Big Time.

Pat riding. PRE dead sailor.

More Al.

Target zone for bummers.

APRES dead sailor.

Taa Daa.

PS. Aren’t I good for getting this up so quick. Yes. I am.

Also, I just changed the size of the pictures. Now they’re too small. I’m going to start an internet petition to make Pat make OBMX web site window thing bigger. 

posted by alex on 02/03/08