first up. ive got one of these. 45 off ebay is not quite as good as 20 euros. but will’s 1 quid claude butler wins in second hand road bike price to awesomeness ratio.


so the trails were dry in feb. mad crazy. colour balance is exaggerating how nice it was up there.


we rode today for plenty time on quite a few jumps. sub par head chop photography. im atually getting way worse at photog bmx. dont have enough consideration these days… whatever its not film its not real or something like that.


poorly composed on the rollers.


illness is still clinging on. bastard.

im going here tomorrow because i’m a well big time internationalist designer or something like that. see you in week.

posted by patch on 24/02/08

b b b b bye bye

so im off to london for the weekend to be big time so have a nice one.

get some digging done?

im going to chilling in here –


beat that alex evans.

bye love bye x

posted by charlie on 22/02/08

New media page.

Trip to London.


posted by graeme on 21/02/08


1st visit to Patch’s Trails. Impressive stuff. Should be fun to (re?)learn how to ride dirt. Played with the digger, which was as ever super-fun. What with us being creative types and thinking about things like how much our time is worth, I think a digger makes good financial sense. Anyway, it was way-cold and way-blue out.

Camera got condensationed from being out in the car all night. Made the photos look cool for a bit.


Wayfarers are still in kids.


Definitely. obmx predictions for ’08 so far – unisex & gold.


Winmill and Will have a go at danger.



New things to finish before it warms up.


Nobody died so we went inside for a cheese overdose.

posted by graeme on 18/02/08

my epsom trip photos


can be found in a new media page. click here or find your way

additional things = hello and thankyou to both theshovelload and prettyshady who both linked to us recently. somehow we made it into the ‘friend’ page of pshade, which is very cool and appreciated but funny as i’ve never met joe. maybe when i go to south france in summer i will… shovelloads jumpers are looking pretty amazing on the internet and also i hope that this summer i will make it up to oxfordness to see them in the real life.

here’s a predictable one: this summer is going to be the “best yet”

also i cannot get over evan’s 120 on quinn – one one one.

posted by patch on 18/02/08

no way 111


am i now the reining champion?

posted by patch on 17/02/08