im afraid to wax my bum keeps crossing my mind.

sorry, once again its been more than a day since i blogged. no recent tea pioneering, still on the green tea, yet to have my camomile one though.

so instead this is what i did on my weekend.


me on the left, and my band to the right. this was in our dressing room just before we went on. spinal tap came to mind, but perhaps ideas of riotous behaviour arent quite right. we watched harry potter instead.

this is what we then walked on to


well actually this is the picture i took just after we finished. probably the most awesome night ever. if you like music that some may say is commercially viable, and not recommended by patrick best, maybe you could have a little listen see of my band –

tea/digging and maybe even riding to come soon eh!? exciting! if it doesnt rain, the trails could be running…..yaaaaaaaay

one love x

posted by charlie on 30/01/08

the best thing on the internet

is this picture:


from thewoodsbmx.blogspot via prettyshady. the line looks way rad. life is all good in dorset but unlike texas we dont get to ride trails quite yet. ive been using film cameras recently so no updates. and its too dark for camera phone at the end of digging sessions.


crap picture it is nice in real life. mostly redoing old stuff but i want to get on big line bigger and longer. maybe digger…

posted by patch on 30/01/08


YES. Read and weep! I’d like to thank my Mum, Dad, close family and most importantly God.


posted by alex on 26/01/08

fuckin’ ay!



posted by alex on 23/01/08

bye bye

to the defender. no more! end of an era. major upset. the new wagon is a disco! electric windows, leather seats, heated seats, sunroofs! everything, but its not defender. poor thing. miss it big time already. 🙁

anyway, apparently i havent updated for 3 days which is blatantly untrue so im still not gunna pay for that jacket pat.

these photos are last sundays, the good old times with the defender. 🙁


evans’ sunday best, = not the alex we know. its a better one.

itunes check- thin lizzy- jailbreak


alex winmill through the glass

the defender 🙁

next stop- crw_6035.jpg

after feeding the piggies :)- will getting into the defender 🙁


patrick best- condensation

friday night i had a small lolcanoe- bridport parties can turn the calmest people into angst dicks. good tiiiimes. read the funniest thing in a while on the shovelload site, aidans throwing up on a dog story. poor thing. looooooose!

the wheelbarrow- by charlie mclelland-

creeping through the woods, unaware, scared and wet, paranoid and guilty as Courtney Love, i was cautious but impulsive, my route through the dense leaves was a poor one. making a pass on the pheasants wasnt an easy task, their little heads arent quite as empty as you may think. they barked and wallowed at me with violent bird like gestures. passing them was like the scene in die hard 3 where bruce wears that racist sign. it was harsh. when i reached the trails, i felt safe, welcome and free. BANG said the shotgun shells above my head, shit! left my anus and into my pants. you could hear my teeth chattering for miles with horrific terror. i dived into the freshly dugout table top to deter stupid mtb’s, safe i thought i was, untill i was shot in the face by biggie smalls’ ghost. i though fuckkk sake, this sucks, so i pulled the wheelbarrow over myself. i was safe, out of harms way, no pheasants, and know guns.

the wheelbarrow- taken from charlie mclellands inspiring biography, available know at any good waggamammas.


surely this was worth the wait no?

one love. x

posted by charlie on 20/01/08


i was kindly informed on this phrase the other day, and has now become one of my favourite sites – that is wrong but true, i loved that programme…

check it out, share your views with other noooobs.

i was supprised not to find RIDE BMX on there though, i think the turning point for them was when mark noble became flatland world champ. he jumped the shark.


his tables still havent changed too



posted by charlie on 15/01/08