one day when i’m really rich it is my dream to have a kitchen with every additional electric appliance available. this is right up the top of this list with “Chef Tony’s My Rotisserie” [look that up].

posted by patch on 22/12/07


Must be alot of these kind of events going on.

posted by patch on 13/12/07

slades got better graffiti than kings



dry weather yessss. so i can go to slades yesterday and kings today and pedal and pump all the bowl corners and pretend they are berms. fun times. im gonna make another web edit next week hopefully

posted by patch on 12/12/07


yesterday i couldnt believe my weather widget when it said it was going to be sunny for two days. and then i got the afternoon off so i rode my bike outside. waaayyyyyo.
it was atually so cold that the world went blue.

read this its awesome: obmx podcast is now in effect. just click the link where virb used to be and itunes will pop up and say ‘holla you wanna get on this sheeeit?’ say yes. if you dont use itunes then bad luck, you should. all i need is some new content, but it’ll happen if the weather stays good. verwood jam vid maybe…

posted by patch on 10/12/07