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do they help? i dunno but its work the seconds of finger tapping, so hush and catty. you’ll never ride them but TST. trails stick together.
catty [click]
hush [click]
site will be down for server maintenance for a day or thing in a while. as if you really give a shit.

posted by patch on 30/11/07

i found it


charlie so slack and rubbish so here i am at his house and i found the plans for the skatepark. not the finals but pretty rad.

posted by charlie on 23/11/07


its been a while! i havent really been doing much, year 11 is proving to be a right nagg, i often have to do pointless work these days, and when im not, im playing texas hold’em up poker on facebook. im pro now 🙂

t’other day i ejected high up on ones bicycle and one has hurt ones knee. ripped ligaments to be precise. so i cant ride which absoloutley smells. quite a few social things going down recently.

halloween happened, this was my costume –


posted by charlie on 23/11/07


nice hat
i’d like this hat. and i just earnt it too. check out the fancy rss integration on the right of these words. updating from the obmx dailymotion video page and from my medium format flickr. yesssssss, that wasnt all that easy people, i had to use my brain and its been on hold since i started art school.

thanks to cheltbmx board, matt and

posted by patch on 17/11/07

this site is really boring

as nothing ever happens on it. winter, ergg. i think winmill still reads this.

the trails are dry at the moment. which means possible session this weekend. alex ring me.

posted by patch on 14/11/07


media page of picas of trailssssssss. un ber reve a bull.

posted by patch on 04/11/07