barend was amazing.

bottom of backline

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cool. ive got a flickr now. pretty rad.

posted by patch on 16/10/07



well today me, evans an winmill went to iford bmx track

which was nice.

we then went to kings park,

which was nice.

then we did some dancing and singing

which was nice


winmill can eat noodles with sticks


dnb mate.

good day, good banter.


posted by charlie on 14/10/07

the best bridport video yet

posted by patch on 09/10/07

bonjour Cherbourg

bonjour Cherbourg
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some nibbles from a sleep deprivation day trip to cherbourg. they have good pastry there. holla to the crew we rode with at the other park.

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jack: “no room in the car to go to the cave”

tom: “spare ticket for incubus, comin?”

mum: “roast belly pork on the tabel”

me: “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, indigestion”

the clock strikes 8 and im getting loose in the main room of the bic, with a bunch of badasses, waiting to see a fucking nutty band, which i probably hadnt listend to for a fair long while.

anyway, it was actually amazing, the singer is so pretty too.

couple  phone pics, it was rad awesome wicked!


i cant be bothered to fanny with this balls upload thing. sort it out paddy please, oh and my email. i havent had any spam in dayyyyys!

love to all, have a super weekend.


posted by charlie on 05/10/07


barend jam was the usual cup final of the bmx world. those trails are too perfect. much respect and thanks to winch diggers.
winmill did his yearly backline.

pics of lford in media btw.

posted by patch on 01/10/07