chav kids are kinda sweet?

Paddy, Winmill, Will and me all went to Iford BMX track yesterday night. It was absolutely rad. The whole journey was cool. High light moments include hand brake turn into petrol station, bonnet nearly flying up, laughing and loud music. Good times.

Pics to follow soon from pat, no doubt!

posted by alex on 30/09/07

widget update

dailymotion decided to change their rss urls without telling me. i found them suckers out.

you need to download the new version of the widget for it to continue working. sorry. click here

posted by patch on 26/09/07


there is a big omg over on the mutiny bikes site. the new trailer for their new dvd in full HD. that shit is too rad, so much respect for someone creating with such high production values in bmx. its what we need to push us forward. its way better than the skatefairy hd vid. bmx doing better than skating, serious possibility.

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im open as usual

so the last thursday i went to southampton for a geography field trip. we looed at stuff, some other stuff then i went and bought a nice new t-shrit and the new ridemag from what i later realised was that mega famous PIJIN.

this was pretty interesting


this is some building in soton where all the crew from the titanic stayed before they set off to die. they just have this mental steal structure holding the face of it up, and like they are renovating it into a shelter for homeless latina painters or summat?


i sat next to my best friend too 🙂 good issue i must say.

i just went out for a ride too which was good for like 2 minutes, then started to rain 🙁

see you soon x

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16 Aug 2007 23:51
OMG i cannot belive i finally found your myspace profile
i saw you in cherbourg!!!!! omZGGGLOLL i knows!
menal init! i only live round the corner froms youz in CERRRRRRNE!
dont spose youve got that dredfull foot an mouth stuff ey? i say, floss and rinse with mouthwash atleast once a day keeps the foot in mouth disease away!

im guessing by this time you probably think im fairly intoxicated on msn asking girls to get their tits out. nope. dead soba.


oh yeah
unit or weymouth tommorow night
weather permitting
u in or not? if not, i gotta tell lift
love aids xxxxxxxxxx

posted by patch on 23/09/07

obmx jam 07 v1

click for bigger

We had a jam. Media got ‘clocked’. Now I’ve edited. But its a pretty lazy one evening edit so i might fix it up a bit at some point.

posted by patch on 19/09/07