blessed is the internet

i dont like not having the internet. i feel alone when i’m unoccupied and offline. need this neverending communication. how fucked up is that.

i uploaded some pictures from the week. more trails. mini jam next weekend if dry. should be good.

posted by patch on 31/08/07

yes max


posted by patch on 28/08/07


sorry. media. I apologise again.

posted by alex on 27/08/07

Q: whats better than anything else


A: riding trails

media page of nice green sunny pics.

posted by patch on 26/08/07


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have a charity sausage supper


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we all love mullets, one time anyway, but this kid didnt even intentionally have a mullet or use the mullet to its full potentiall, making this mullet, a dont.

posted by charlie on 20/08/07

love your bike re-up

love your bike

our napoleon dynamite intro tribute, maybe. just a re-up of a old video we made last year for some strange reason.

click there/ find the link on the widget/ or go to for vidyos

posted by patch on 18/08/07