its time

finally it seeems as if we are starting summer, which does infact mean we may start riding the trails, an stop riding dorchester skatepark every fucking day. i took a picture of my legs as i was chillaxing just one day at the skat du parc, i had forgotten to turn the aperature up as it was super sunny, so i got a super over exposed picture of my legs. probably my favourite picture this week.


so after this beautiful day of sun/cold cloud, i went to dylans who i like to call dwayzles because it has a z in it and z’s are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuper!

this is him, ‘pushing wood’ as it were


skateboarding is mega hard. i dont get how they do it. dylan is pretty good, this picture doesnt do his skils much justice. this one kind of does although its a pretty wank picture. it is sunny though! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


watermelon grab

so once we played with nathan, our black friend who is the whitest black kid i know, we set out to get a little loose.

my friend tom cains is pretty funny. he is easily mis- understood to be a chauvenistic bellend, but deep down he is a big cuddly bear. he likes pain, an has some super good ‘mega paracetemol’ from the hospital for his broken toes. i wouldve popped the whole packet if i were his soba self……



good work i say. that was uber long. i now have slam bars which are amaaaaaazing. really good and getting me in the mood for trails. if anyone wants to ride our trails while its sunny, please do holla paddy or me as we are the only ones left of the OG B.M.X crewwwww right now. charlie/paddy at organicbmx dot co dot uk. TRAILS NEXT UPDATE

love x

posted by charlie on 31/07/07



ive got seasonal affective disorder in july probably. went to bridport yesterday, because it just rains all the time. i uploaded some unusual photographs but you’ll get over it.

posted by patch on 27/07/07


This is our homo-dog.

He tried to receive fellatio from another dog with little luck.

He took it in the arse.

that is all.

posted by alex on 22/07/07



//so schools out for summer and the weather so far looks pleasant. bbc says otherwise. CUNTS.

//so hopefully the trails will actually be rideable before i go back to school to finish my 11th and final year of compulsory school! yo!

//last night me an my band got one of our new songs finished down the studio so super happy with that.

//tonight there was little slags everywhere at the skatepark. just cause now they are ‘year 9’s’. appauled i was. pretty cool though….

//monday evening me an p and matt an ian had a weee private session at the cave. ill put a few snaps up here since there hasnt been a picture in a while. hopefully the next one is of some pure badass soil.


i like lense flare. if thats what its called. oh an this is matt white. remeber that name. he might go far. if he gets a bmx…

no but seriously, he came back from WOOOOODDDWAAARD just a few days ago, and is now the scenest kid on the block, even with a woodward sticket on his hard hat just to make sure we alllll know. he even has a personalised frame! AND a chrome rear rim! he learnt some gay flip tricks too or summin…


i like this picture, can got wrong with a hole and a flashgun

that little white mark on the wall tap says matt white. he had me going for ages that he tapped that high. he lied.

thats it. paddy is doing alot of farm work on his farm at the moment. then he goes to uni ‘next year’ in bmuff, which means im pretty much going to be the closest person to organic HQ. which theoretically means the trails are now mine.

watch this space closely for the next few weeks, you might just get too see alex winmill do an X-UP on a fairly large mud lump.

cat slaters y’all. love charlie xxxx

posted by charlie on 18/07/07

Pipping The Pygmy At 900yrds” says: (23:02:56)
hugh puked on one of me old duvets and we didnt knw how to clean it so i burnt it

posted by patch on 12/07/07

i dont like this weather

it’s gettimg pretty tedious. went up to have a look at the trails today. they are so wet. even a few puddles. i cant take this non summer for too much longer.

i’d estimate at least a week of good drying weather before the trails are ridable at all. this is really crap. they are so damp they are even growing loads of moss on the landers.

posted by patch on 11/07/07