so, i went to glastonbury festival. it was amazing.
“tom, mate, where the fuck have you been?!”
tom, in tent, gurning : “i have no idea”


this is what i looked like alot of the time


and this the rest of the time


me and dwayzles, scary eye.
all in all it was actually the best 4 days ive had in a while.
on a shit note, stephen murray has properly hurt himself being a nut.

email the ammount you want to donate in dollars. you then get an email back with the link to the paypal thing. do it, he is amazing, and a legend of this sport we all love. seriously, help him out.

ooo, and shovelload is alive again. yak touched my willy on msn.


posted by charlie on 26/06/07

yo yo

hi. Europe is cool. We’re thinking about doing an inter-rail bmx trip when the race season is over in like september or something.

Anyone keen?

Here’s a photo:

posted by alex on 25/06/07

the first widget is bmx?

[click here to download]

i hope its a first. it certainly is for me, a nice little widget that keeps you up to date with whatever videos i’ve posted recently. and looks nice on your dashboard.

posted by patch on 24/06/07


alex says: (23:38:34) have u got any bloons i need like 400 or sming

alex says: (23:38:55) real expensive on ebay

posted by patch on 18/06/07


evans shaved his beard off for the good of humanity. sweet.

also another video. lots of them at them moment, im thinking hmmm podcast maybe… either find it on ther virb with a shit framerate or at dailymotion [click] looking a bit worse but playing smoother. its your call on that one

posted by patch on 15/06/07

An art page

I did good on update. Pretty shit really. you’ll get over it.

posted by alex on 14/06/07