figured out those stupid square pixels and now those pixels are moving over on the virb. just click that link up top and it’ll take you there. [virb is like myspace but much nicer to use and look at, so videos on there yeah]

posted by patch on 28/05/07

this site is pretty

nice to see a fresh face to this tired enterprise.

some videos on the virb fairly soon. or at least as soon as i can figure out how the fuck you can export squarepixels and keep 16:9 from looking shit and distorted.

posted by patch on 27/05/07

this site is ugly

this site is ugly because it’s old, not because its ugly.

posted by patch on 15/05/07

new page in media

just some snaps from yesterdays session at the cave,

good to get down there again. some okish pictures too


posted by charlie on 13/05/07

posted by alex on 09/05/07

on a continued note of homosexuality

posted by alex on 07/05/07