its all about the he says she says booooooom shit! i think you better quit, talkin that shit punk!


hangin baaaad today. but because im such a troop i still went to the trails today with pat. got the 250 gallon water tank up there now so that makes life sooo much easier. still as dry as gandhi’s flip flop though.
can ‘de water


lan’d rover


pa’d dy

so yeah, the drought is over for a bit i spose, rain is still welcome.

alright weekend like, loooooose as pamela last night, toilet seat was uber warm this morning.


got an extention


if they look shit, its cause im stupid


al couldnt take it…

catslaters xxx

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yes/no/or maybe?

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BMX Dirt Slopestyle

Just saw this whilst looking at a mtb place… Looks cool, is in devon. Have a read

“The aim of the Empire of Dirt is to bring together all different aspects of BMX in one contest; to really challenge the rider’s versatility,â€? says Kye Forte, Newton Abbot local and top UK rider. “We also want to make the week surrounding the event totally memorable – both for the riding, and the social scene – putting Devon on the global BMX map.â€?

The monstrous Red Bull Empire of Dirt course will take over a month to build, swallow thousands of tons of dirt and will feature an epic dirt superpipe, huge double jumps, and technical street obstacles, including rails, boxes and wall rides.

Like a true slopestyle course, traditionally found in freestyle snowboarding, the course has been designed to offer riders multiple lines, and infinite ways to showcase their skills, and link new combinations of tricks.

If the course wasn’t enough to inspire a frenzy of riding creativity – the riders list will top it off: only the best in the world are invited to ride the Red Bull Empire of Dirt. 35 riders – representing the cream of dirt, street and ramp BMX, will come to Newton Abbot, Devon – to ride a course like none they’ve ever ridden before.

Invited riders include the best all-rounders from the UK, USA, Spain, Australia, Germany, France and Canada; including Corey Bohen, Chris Doyle, Morgan Wade, Jamie Bestwick, and the Forte brothers Kye, Leo & Toby.

Only the rider with the most talent in all styles will conquer the Empire of Dirt, and get their piece of the £10,000 (USD$19,500) prize purse.

Red Bull Empire of Dirt will be open to the public on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th, June, check out our MySpace for details:

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zomg huckxcore (thats emo for hucker)

Check this out! OMGGGG

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another media page. trails stuff.


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few shots from today




just a few shots. nothing special at all, max proper grizzed his face though, and my back.

check it


pat has more to come. also check out the media pages for some pictures of the local a few days ago


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