back and did a little update on the media, maybe you’d like to check it out. nah, doubt it.

posted by alex on 27/03/07

pictures from bmxing




woo trails.

posted by patch on 21/03/07


alex rides straight out of 1995 and down the first full run of any of the lines this year.

posted by patch on 20/03/07

hails at the trails


so we go up and all is good then it does this. wintery showers.


then 7 minutes later approx it’s like this. so we keep on riding because it is still just as dry.

so nice to get riding in. no riding pics as not all lines ready and its not quite fast enough yet. but new stuff is sweet. dailled low hip crossover to otherway berm to race rollers. triple is a bit hard though…

posted by patch on 18/03/07

oh annndddd…

went to kings park again on saturday, met a couple guys there and one of them pulled this out—–

whoever you are, you are amazing and i heart you haha


oh and this is pickels, he is guoooood


oh and ofcourse max bruzzzz


stylleee haha

charles x

posted by charlie on 11/03/07

digging 11th march

check the media pages for a large update on the trails

looking reeet nice today, some of them anyway!

posted by charlie on 11/03/07