the weirdest bmx thing ive ever seen

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posted by patch on 28/02/07

Digging on up

Ive posted some photos of the trails taken today, alot of digging is still needed and the photos are shocking because they r off my camera phone but worth a look,

much love


posted by max on 26/02/07

we’re boring and 150 people visit this site.

crock of shite i say.

i would post a photo, or something interesting… but no. that’s too much of a feat.


posted by alex on 25/02/07


patrick. says: (22:52:54)
charlie says: (22:53:10)
charlie says: (22:54:19)
could u see what my hair looks like bleeched with photoshop?

posted by patch on 19/02/07


this is what we do with our spare time


posted by charlie on 17/02/07


gravediggers are all good. but a wheelbarrow of soil in a minute is better for quantity. digger very soon. exciting. good futures.

posted by patch on 15/02/07