digging is comming along. and we now have an almost unlimited supply of soil!!! only catch is a 2 hour tractor drive to go pick it up. per trailerload. trailerload is one landing…

still. you know it’s worth it.

posted by patch on 31/01/07

now i believe

originally i just thought that alex was rubbish at mountain bikes. but from a quick google of his name i can atually tell that he is well the most famous alex evans or earth.

posted by patch on 29/01/07

pigeon passion

al, dear friend and lover of dead animals.


posted by alex on 27/01/07

applied geometry


posted by patch on 23/01/07


awesome, the government have set up a site that makes its super easy to ask the government to do things. whether they listen is different but worth the 30 seconds

go there to sign up for the ldn skate plaza. be nice to ride it if we ever go to london. while your at it sign the one to get ringo starr a knighthood, the man deserves one so badly.

posted by patch on 22/01/07

bin mannnn

fuck yes i am a bin man.

it rocks… exercise and getting payed for it.

plus we get to finish like two hours before we’re supposed to and still get payed1!Ljo1j!H!U£H!!£P!:

life is good.

posted by alex on 18/01/07