bubble and squeak


posted by charlie on 20/11/06

paris france


edd said on the internet the other day that paris is where the music is at. but im here to look at photographs and eat some food and see an amazing old man with lots of stories.



french tv is pretty good though. just in a quick browse ive got and old woman in a playpark in something that looks like an advert for france or something. and a woman driving a 2cv in the countryside with a very big crow or something for a documentory. awesome.

posted by patch on 16/11/06

two days of trails at manor farm in november.


it’s global warming blud. [max would never say that though]

he would say. DR.Bombay says: (17:36:54)
make a dirt media from weekend just to show that the trails were dry

ok look in media.

posted by patch on 06/11/06

i love

bridport skatepark. because it’s great.

trails this weekend?! yeah mang

posted by patch on 03/11/06

nothing much.

just winter approching in dorchester.


hop manny on a dead cart thing.


and al got his stripes. sort of. i think i did a good job – haha.

posted by patch on 02/11/06