gotta b the best bmx vid i seen in a bit

This is what summer 2014 needs to be. Maybe I’mma make it out to Spain or something cus there is not beach by our trails. Speaking of which I have no idea how they are getting on but I hope they are alive…

posted by Patrick on 05/03/14

Winmill’s utube channel

Can’t really believe I only just subscribed. Here are some highlights:

Also pretty funny how he just takes random raw clips from my memory card dumps and bangs them up on his channel. Oi winmill turn on ads and get me my royalties.

posted by Patrick on 11/12/13


behind the scene of vans trails mission


posted by Aaron on 12/10/13

Let them credits roll

Credits from the ‘part deux’
featuring organic bmx’s very own Alex ‘wolfman’ Winmill.

PART DEUX – The Credits Roll from Deluxe BMX on Vimeo.

Bluebench doing BBQ right!

posted by Aaron on 09/10/13

La Source

La source on the deluxe trip, this place is mental. big up all the locals too for being great host out to jems and pompom for being rad.

PART DEUX – La Source from Deluxe BMX on Vimeo.

posted by Aaron on 09/10/13


Just seen this in Instagram pretty cool!


posted by Aaron on 07/10/13