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so as you might kno I’ve lived in Mexico City for a few years and thus there isn’t much organic bmx trails content ever. But I’m making an effort to get back into BMX (in preparation for my 30s) so have been exploring here a bit. Yesterday I went to some new skatepark in a nice park. Good for skaters not great for BMXers. But a local told me about some dirt jumps nearby. I went in search of them ‘they are in between 2 bridges’ and found them. This is the report:


Like an idiot I forgot to take a photo of the wider scene. This is from the top of a pretty tall concrete ramp. It must be about 12ft high or so. Underneath this ramp is a small room that a homeless woman was living in. The bottom of the ramp had basically no transition just from the angle to flat. That didn’t help matters.

Someone must have built this jumps a fair few years ago, maybe even with machines but I’m not sure. I couldn’t work out what the concrete ramp was for so maybe built for this for an event or something. The first jump was half ok in design but a bit worse for wear. The rainy season here cannot be good for dirt jumps. This was the lip:


It was hard as rock but very bumpy and cracked. Transition ok though. If I had had tools and water it would have been a fixup. Without this lip and landing was sketchy enough. The next lip was a brick wall. That went into a very loose berm and into a small sketchy right way hip and out. On my third run I almost ran over this:


One of the homeless lady’s 2 very very small kittens, just a few weeks old.

We left after that, but expect more adventures. I might even document the skateparks… A new one is opening a few miles from my house in a few weeks. But my main adventure will be to find the pumptrack and trails next to a skatepark in a place called The Peace almost outside the city but on the metro system.

posted by Patrick on 29/11/16


Went up woods today with aaron and in the space of about 4 hours managed to do about 7 runs each. Just taking it ez rly. But fixing and patching and bbqing. Obmx is back with photos barely good enough for social media. 111!



posted by Patrick on 20/07/14

Trails! Summer! Dorset!

So I’m bak in Dorset for summer so this website might come back from the dead. Anyway I’m gonna try to ride trails. Been up a few times and the trails have taken a bit of a battering but they are still there. 3 trees fell on them in some storm so we had to chop them up before anything


Now we got plenty of BBQ wood tho :]


And some damage to fix


These two are what it looked like when I went up and then when I came down. Got bitten alive by horseflies and massive mozzys too.



Expect [hope for] updates with riding pics and also some video work from my new mega camera.

posted by Patrick on 18/07/14

this website is dead I guess

but this video is amazing. Nice 1 Jems and Co on making something decent [unlike that Chase Hawk horrorshow that was big the other week] Motivational for both riding and filming:

I’m back in the UK in less than 2 weeks. My Deluxe is waiting for me and so are the trails. And I got a new video camera. So OBMX Summer 2014 is on!

JEREMY MULLER 2014 from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

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gotta b the best bmx vid i seen in a bit

This is what summer 2014 needs to be. Maybe I’mma make it out to Spain or something cus there is not beach by our trails. Speaking of which I have no idea how they are getting on but I hope they are alive…

posted by Patrick on 05/03/14

Winmill’s utube channel

Can’t really believe I only just subscribed. Here are some highlights:

Also pretty funny how he just takes random raw clips from my memory card dumps and bangs them up on his channel. Oi winmill turn on ads and get me my royalties.

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